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The idea of Belvedere Stonemill was born from my and my wife’s project to offer our customers a healthier and tastier cuisine, thanks to the use of organic ingredients and ancient organic grains ground into stone-mill right in front of your eyes with the same passion and dedication with which my maternal grandparents, Rocco and Sisina, ground their wheat through millstones pulled by donkeys, starting from 1959, the year in which my mother was born. Known by all with the dialectal term “Prattichicchiu”, they carried out the activity of peasants in their countryside of Belvedere, from which our project takes its name, where the red terrain, the constant sun and the sea breeze of the Mediterranean sea still contribute to the development of a flourishing agriculture made of fruit trees, vineyards, olive trees and beautiful ancient grains, from which you get the best raw flours, high digestible , genuine and not impoverished by industrial processing, just like those that we offer today.

My wife Federica and I were born respectively in Modena and Ferrara, medieval cities in Emilia Romagna, where the agricultural tradition and rural customs are still preserved, but it is also a land of great industries that export their products all over the world, including Parmigiano Reg-giano, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Parma Ham, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ducati and, last but not least, Ferrari. Here the love for good food is great, just think that, in this region alone, have been deposited more than 4000 recipes, including fresh pasta is the master. My parents, who have always been restaurateurs, raised me in the family restaurant, which opened in 1990, and where my father still offers his customers the opportunity to experience the traditional cuisines of Emilia and Puglia. It was within these walls that my passion for cooking was born and I took my first steps towards my career as a chef. After various experiences in various restaurants in my region, at the age of 25.

Ferrari experience and beyond

I had the honour of joining the Ferrari Formula1 cooking team as chef de partie. It was a unique and unforgettable experience, which opened my mind to new horizons and aroused in me the desire to make known and export abroad the genuine Italian cuisine of the past. It was the end of 2012 when, ready to embark on a new adventure overseas, Federica and I fell in love and decided to stay, but it was only a postponement of my plans, as we agreed to reach Australia together in March 2014. Despite her time as a doctor in a pharmacy and her almost 10 years of experience in her field, Federica began, together with me, her journey in the kitchen, specializing, thanks to its precision and propensity, in the preparation of fresh pasta of excellent quality. In particular, due to its intolerance to gluten, Federica’s interest focused on the prepara-tion of mixtures with raw flours of ancient grains that contain gluten of better quality, are more di-gestible and have a less inflammatory effect than modern refined flours.After spending about 5 years in the Australian hospitality, we combined our knowledge and expe-rience and together we decided to revisit the food, making it tastier and healthier. The philosophy of the Belvedere Stonemill is simple and precise: FOOD CAN, AND MUST, BE IMPROVED

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