About Us

belvedere stonemill

The idea of Belvedere Stonemill was born from Fabio and Federica’s project to offer thier customers a healthier and tastier cuisine, thanks to the use of organic ingredients and ancient organic grains ground into stone-mill right in front of their eyes, with the same passion and dedication with which Fabio’s maternal grandparents, Rocco and Sisina, ground their wheat through millstones pulled by donkeys, starting from 1959, the year in which Fabio’s mother was born. 

Known by all with the dialectal term “Prattichicchiu”, they carried out the activity of peasants in their countryside of Belvedere, from which the project takes its name.

Where the red terrain, the constant sun and the sea breeze of the Mediterranean sea, still contribute to the development of a flourishing agriculture made of fruit trees, vineyards, olive trees and beautiful ancient grains, from which you get the best raw flours, high digestible , genuine and not impoverished by industrial processing, just like those that we offer today.  

Fabio and Federica were born respectively in Modena and Ferrara, medieval cities in Emilia Romagna, where the agricultural tradition and rural customs are still preserved, but it is also a land of great industries that export their products all over the world, including the Parmigiano Reggiano, Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Parma Prosciutto, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ducati and, last but not least, the Ferrari. Here the love for good food is great, just think that, only in this region, have been deposited more than 4000 recipes, including fresh pasta, that is the master.